Voice over IP

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VoIP (Voice over IP) tell us how voice transmit over IP based network.In communication we send as well received mainly data and voice.So VoIP tell us about that how voice transmit through different channels.

It is usually deployed in enterprise networks in order to reduce the cost of VoIP.In order to form a VoIP network following issues must be arise.

.What type of service you need like user to user or simple services.

.What type of end users are there like IP Phones and PC's etc.

.What type of quality service that you provided to satisfy your customers.This is mainly depends on the budget available and also on the available resources.

.The types of security risk that will arise.So it is important that your customers remain safe from any outside attack.

.The most important thing is bandwidth that must be in check list that how much is available and from this idea we should deal with our customers.

.Now after all the requirements the protocol or topology on which you provide this service must be in mind.

.Now in many countries their is certain laws through which you provide International gateway access to your customers.

Key Benefits

Following are the key benefits:

.Internet Applications like emails and social media must have a voice applications so that our customers will effectively communicate.

.With the development and due to competition in the market we should provide upgraded equipment to our providers so that they will get effective benefit.

So these are some important point about VoIP which should be in mind of any Provider. 


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