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It has been a good beginning of the week. On sunday we enjoyed the kickoff of London Menswear Fashion Week. 
Which was extremely inspiring and fun. Then the next day we gave our own VOLT party at Casa Negra together 
with FM Models. The margarita's were everywhere and the music was loud and happy. Our own fashion editor 
Jason Leung used his amazing DJ skills to get everybody on the dance floor and we had a great monday night!
Please check out the new Casa Negra Restaurant and Club on Great Eastern Street, It has such a cute entourage. 
It's like you enter a new world, Full of piniata and more Mexican fun! 

With the last day of Fashion week already behind us we are focussing on our new Volt Introducers. We picked the
most interesting graduates of this year and will try to collaborate with them for the new section the website. And not
just fashion editorial, you can expect any kind of art, film and photography. So check our website frequently to see
whats new!



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