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A cold morning in the middle of March, shivering but exited, we begin our discussion regarding the launch of the new Volt App for iPad. The App will feature contents from the magazine as well as extra features you don't want to miss. Soon after starting our meeting we found out that it will not be as easy as we thought. Non of us had done something like this before, so this week we will be doing a lot of research on web-applications. We will let you know when you can download the result of our hard work. 



Amaranthine - BTS - Volt Cafe Fashion as Art Art as Fashion

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VOLT MAGAZINE, 420 X 345MM Fashion as Art, Art as Fashion... The magazines enormous size was originally formulated to display each image in as much intricate detail and beauty as possible. VOLT is also unbound so that individual images can be framed as if each image were a poster.…

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