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After being literally dead for about four years the U.S. job market has started to breathe again. Not long ago if you mentioned the words "looking for a job" you would likely get one of these responses: there are no jobs, what for it's a waste of time, or I'm over qualified for minimum wage jobs. There was a point where jobs at a fast food restaurant, Wal-Mart, or other low paying positions were the only jobs hiring. That was because most quality and decent paying jobs weren't hiring and laying people off at a staggering rate.

That was then, and this is now. The U.S. job market is consistently seeing people fill positions that are being opened by steady job creation. Though, there are always questions concerning all the facts with reports on jobless and unemployment rates decreasing, the job market does seem to be noticeably improved. More than 200,000 jobs have been created nationwide for three consecutive months dating back to December 2011, lowering the unemployment rate to 8.3%. This by no means is a drastic turnaround to the pre-recession job market, but it does show a good sign that things are honestly looking better.

These improvements can't come at a better time for President Obama who is in the midst of a political battle for re-election. The President stated he was working on improving the job market for Americans, and it seems to be coming to fruition. Businesses in the private sector are the driving force behind most of the hiring being done right now. A number of CEO's from prominent U.S. companies who took a survey showed that more than 40% of the executives have intentions to hire more employees within the next two quarters. Though, it will still take time for most Americans to feel a turnaround, at least the glass looks half full now instead of half empty. 


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