Wake Up To Autism!

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Let us celebrate this year by pledging to wear Blue April 2nd. Autism Awareness is not just a fad or something cool to do, its a way of understanding and teaching to those that need to learn about how we can all live together by understanding each other. Please educate yourselves and read the many resources from these links. So many tragedies have occurred in the past against children with Autism in the very places they should feel protected. If we took the time to get involved even if its to say "ah yes ok i understand this now" it will open up your world a bit more and allow others in. Many Autistic people live normal healthy and happy lives, You may know someone close to you already. I know we all do. Can you go one step further and support what Autism Awareness is to others. Can you Wake Up For Autism. Embracing one another is also to learn to love and live with one another. Embrace the differences. please feel free to post your own support by wearing blue and posting to us, we will share your story. Never discriminate what you do not understand.

This month we dedicate to Autism Please visit this page --->https://www.facebook.com/WakeUpForAutism

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