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Wakeskating is an adaptation of wake boarding. It includes a similar board; however, the rider is not bound to the board which adds unique challenges to the sport. The top of the board is covered with griptape (similar surface to skate boards'). Wakeskating is perhaps more expensive in comparison with waterboarding as the riders have to buy some special shoes in addition to the board.


The riders wakeskate behind a boat/cable system at 16-22 mph (depends on the water conditions and preferences). 

Compare to nowadays, in the late 70s riders mostly used long boards. With the evolution of the sport, boards became smaller and shorter.  


Popular in youth culture around the globe, wakeskating takes its roots from United States.

Tricks performed during wakeskating are increasingly more technical from those done during wakeboarding, as wakeskating has similar relationship with skate boarding and wakeboarding with snowboarding. Both sports, however, are highly popular among people from all over the world. 

 There are a vast number of competitions and tournaments throughout the world for wakeskating.

If you feel this type of sport could be affordable for you, read a couple of advices below regarding what your first steps are towards wakeskating.


In order to start you should buy a good pair of shoes as it is one of the sport's key elements. If you are not planning to perform tricks, regular athletic shoes would be fine. However, I firmly recommend that you invest a couple of hundreds in a good pair of professional wakeskating shoes. After it's being done you can start practicing. Progress will approach you sooner or later (depends on your will).


Let the boat pull you up. Practice often and try not to lose your balance. You make find wakeskating be a little shaky. As the beginner, try to remain in the most comfortable spot inside the wake, then slowly go out. Be prepared to fall off the board. It usually happens at the very first tries. No worries! Just do it again and again. You will master it eventually. 


Get back up on your feet and have fun. It is all about it!

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