War and Causes of Wars:

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War is the show of force and ultimate expression of power. It is the coercive mean of attaining objectives. It is the battle between two hostile groups one want to prevail their own way of policy while the other defend itself. It does not always involve fighting forces in the battle but at times, it may be the battle of nerves. Whatever the case may be war is always dangerous and it always bring bitter experiences.

Causes of War:

  1. Imperialism:

Imperialism may be cited as the first practical cause of war. The expansionist designs of great powers often resulted into wars in history. The WW1 and WW2 were in direct response to the expansionist desires of Germany and its allies.

  1. Arms Race:

Arms race and armament at big scale is also one of the practical reason of wars. The reason behind the WW1 where the two hostile camps had made enormous weapons and only a spark was needed to blow it out. After the war Germany was prohibited to go for any armament under the treaty of Versailles but Hitler denounced all such efforts and went for armament once again which resulted into the WW2 ultimately.

  1. Excessive Nationalism:

Nationalism is the phenomenon which means the love of a person for his nation and for his state. It is the building block of a nation but when it exceeds a certain limit, their it becomes a dangerous ploy. If one love his nation or country then that must hate the other. The situation worsens when it comes to a point of “my country right, your country wrong”. In such a situation if differences deepens, war & violence is certain yo arise.

  1. Conflicting Ideologies:

It is also another cause of war. In history , due to the fundamental differences in ideologies , wars were fought to prove that one is supreme than the other. In cold war era, Soviet Union & United States fought proxy wars just because of their conflicting ideologies.

  1. Economic Severities:

Economic Severities have also resulted in wars. USSR invaded Afghanistan to have an access to warm water of the Indian Ocean was also another case.

  1. Propaganda:

Propaganda by one state against the other and the counter propaganda have also sometimes resulted into wars. It was the factor of many proxy wars between USSR & United States of America.

  1. Interest in Other Regions:

This point may also be linked with the economic factor when some countries have vested interest in any form and shape, then any threat to such interest is likely to result in a war. e.g. USA fought Gulf war not because the Kuwait independence was so dear & rare to her but there were other interests which were at stake because of Iraq so USA fought to secure those.

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