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It’s been more than a decade that the war on terror was magnanimously launched in Afghanistan by the one powers.The battle field was also expended to Pakistan-a country against which the US did not declare a war.Trillion of dollars were spent ,the world favour was achieved either through convincing arguments or threats still the war field does not reflect any signs of the victory of the world powers,even the international media could not claim this war to be a success.

These poetic lies might reflect what’s happening;”Lamenting heard in the air;strange screams of death; and prophesying with terrible accidents accidents; of dire combustion and confused events”.”Aggression against aggression does not work”,this must have been understood by the US govt.and NATO countries.War on terror has become more of a dilemma,a battle field from where exist will be a ‘defeat’and stay would ensure ‘failure’.Thus it stands as an irony difficult to digest for US. Wars like this are easier to start than to finish .After 10 years of war this war field presents an unclear victory for the US as this war is being fought with an enemy with no specific identity.

The US fails to recognize the futility of trying to wage a modern war on an ancient civilization that formed its history by repelling invaders.Todays the US seems to be trapped in a bad story and has no way to change the script.The enemy has no flag ,wears no uniform,stages no parades,marches to its own martial music.It requires no tanks, and does not fear death.There in lies the dilemma of war waged by the global power.After 10 years of US attack on Afghanistan for its war on terror with more than 4 trillion dollars spent,thousands of Aghans massacred and hundreds of US led NATO troops killed where does this war stand?’War on Terror’ was necessary to wage ,difficult to carry on but it is almost impossible for a super power to accept its defeat with all its gigantic military infrastructure.

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