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Stretching the ‘Battlefield’ from Afghanistan to Pakistan does not speak much positive about US performance in ‘war on terror’ .According to “Washington Post” : “In the name of war on terror,we have invaded and accupied a country that has nothing to do with the attacks of 9/11,we have emboldened our enemies,we’ve lost and taken many lives”.The US govt failed to understand that the right way from a lost battle field is the way “back home” not to another battle field.In his own words President Obama (during speech in Cairo University in 2009).

”It’s a story with a simple truth that violence is a dead end”

.He said probably failed to remember that their so called “war on terror’ has come to a ‘dead end’ ,with almost nothing to brag about. Although the Taliban govt.had been taken down and the US claims of a decisive defeat but Taliban turned it actively wrong when in 2006 ‘Taliban’ insurgency of significant strength was shaping up and also began suicide bombing against NATO and ISAF. History has remained witness to the harsh reality that wars not won,lead to the demise of the empires and the fall of imperial powers .

The situation of the US led NATO forces is more complicated than those faced by powers that had dominated the world in earlier times.The ‘exit strategy of Afghanistan’is a vague attempt request of US to secure its international prestige.

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