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War is a beginning for miseries. war is a beginning for lost that things people like . war is not only way for succeed and is bad way for escape from problems.

Some people think war is last way, but by listening war word jar all body of human may be this be last time of life. we have very kind of war in today world, such civil war, duel single combat, sitzkrieg wars, sword, children fear also specially in  our county . war has effectives on human that most of  these effectives are  negative.  Two important wars in the world  were the first world war and the second world war, that the  world war befall in 1914  until  1918 and the second world war befall  in 1934 until 1939 and those wars cause most problems. Most of people lost their homes children, wife, husband and they had to left their homeland, and immigrate to other countries.  Until in most place of world is war and people fight to others and in some countries most victims are guiltless women and children and specially Muslims. War is a cause for back word, because on that time any section of society of cannot improve such education, agriculture, economy and the most important section is economy and people day to day be tired and poor, and they have to everything for their destiny. Three decade war in our country is importance reason for miseries, people feel bad days and even witness like of their children,



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