Watch 4 video Earn $1 per day

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No investment needed
No refs needed, but I recommend one, or you can have more ;)

You can earn daily 1 FM - 1 USD by watch 4 videos (work for one minute)
After you will have 20 FM - you will buy Follow+
(You will be able to change your FM to USD and get profits from your refs - but monthly fee is 20FM)
So you will earn 30FM by yourself and one of your referrall will earn 30FM = 60FM-20FM(monthly fee) = 40FM($) per month, if you will have more refs, than your earning will grow up!
After you will have 100FM, you will buy FollowPro and this packet will generate 1$ daily for 365 days!

Payment methods: Perfect money, Payeer, BitCoin, NixMoney - maybe later they will add some more used processors like a PayPal.

Ref link:

If you join under you get bonus dollar from me <3

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