Watch for Signs of Memory Loss in Your Parents -- You May Save Their Lives

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Today a local missing couple was found dead in a wooded area near their home. They left their home on Tuesday and hadn't been seen since. They were still in their car. When the news reports began announcing that they were missing, they also mentioned that the pair were in the early stages of dementia. Another missing person was also reported around the same time but I haven't seen any news that they were found. It seems like every day my Facebook newsfeed has a report about a missing senior. In many cases, the family members knew of their memory impairment but they still had car keys and access to a vehicle.

In the vast majority of cases, parents take care of their children to the best of their ability for at least 18 years. We owe it to our parents to look out for them as they age. Though they may not be happy about you taking their car keys away from them or checking in on them more often, it is important that you do it. If you can't or won't take the time to look out for your own parents, hire a caregiver or move them into a nursing home so they can have 24 hour supervision.

Seniors with memory impairment are not only at risk of getting lost. They are also often targeted for financial scams. Older adults may be easily confused by fast talking scam artists and give their bank account information to someone they shouldn't. It isn't their fault and they don't deserve to be victims. If your parents did all they could for you when you were younger, return the favor and don't let them get lost and die alone in the woods or lose the money they worked hard for to a scam artist.

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