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Internet is the ocean of information. It is the biggest source of information and communication around the world. One can find information about every topic, Science, history, geography, biography, astrology, astronomy, palmistry, literature, tutorials, you name it and it is there.

It is true that at present time, no one can or has to stop its child to use internet, because if you do so, you are doing no good to your child, in fact you are putting hurdles in his(her) way.

But despite all above facts, internet can be dangerous to your child. There are millions of sites which have sexually explicit material available on one click. Pornography has become an industry. According to a report more than 3000 US dollars per second are being spent to make porn movies. It Means 37 billion dollars per year. Since there is l lot of money involved, the owners of these sites can easily advertise their websites, and thy do so.

Pakistan, Egypt, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, England, Australia and Norway are the leading nations in searching the porn sites. So parents in these countries need to be more careful about their children.

In the third world countries, where most of the parents don’t know how to use the internet, it is easy for the children to use unwanted sites. So the parents also need to learn to use the internet to know what their children are doing or watching on the internet.

Although, in some countries, governments have blocked these websites, but these sites can be easily opened by proxy software.

Leaning the internet may take you time, but it will not only secure your child from the unwanted material, but it will secure their future too.

Parents don’t need to be afraid of the internet, because it is the biggest source of information, knowledge and communication, all they need to do, is to learn the right use of this technology so their children too can use it in the right way.

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