Water film production blog 7 - bubbles and bacteria

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I've animated a lot of scenes over the past week for the water film. There was a scene with a toilet being flushed. A scene of various types of toilets appearing and dissolving.

Below you will also see little bacteria making up the word 'Bacteria'. I first spelled the word and then animated the bacteria moving away. When reversed it looks like the bacteria are coming together to spell the word.

I also finally animated this scene of bubbles in water going down a drain. I had made the eight frame maximized loop pencil test a while back but hadn't gotten around to animating it until now. This means that I draw out the movement on eight sheets of paper before hand, photograph these on my stand, and then use these as a guide for the ink and water. View the video on my other blog, here. It turned out quite well!

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Tess Martin is an independent animator who works with back-lit paper cut-outs, ink, paint, sand or objects. She is the recipient of three 4Culture grants, two City of Seattle grants, and numerous others in support of her films, including The Whale Story, animated on a 16 foot high wall in…

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