Water Level Detection

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Water level Detection using Transistors
We are going to design an circuit that detects the different levels of water and gives the indication about the water in the tank remaining by using the led.

We use all resistors of 1k ohms, 10 resistors are used in this project. One is connected to collector of transistor and one is connected to base of transistor which controls the collector voltage and base voltage respectively.
The transistors used in this project are NPN polarity and value is 2N2222 five transistors are used in this project, at the emitter of the transistor there is connected 1 led in each that gives the signal of about how much water is left behind in tank.
Buzzer/speaker is also the part of this project, in this project we used it because when the tank is fill up to maximum range up to specified level this will give a proper sound to stop add more water in it. So on the opposite end we have some resources to stop water flow in more in the tank.
Hence whole project is move around these electronic components, beside this there is a wire of copper that is immersed into the tank that are connected to each transistor of base when the water is up to the level of each wire the current flow in that particulars wires when the water gone below this particular connected wire the current stop to flow and the led connected at the Emitter of that particular transistor will not burn and we have the indication that water level is gone below this level.

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