Water Pollution

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Pollution is one of the main social problem of our everyday life inspite of so many technologies and steps taken to overcome the issue it is still hanging over us water pollution is one of the many kinds of the pollution. Many foreign countries have already taken several improving steps to beat the problem. Pakistan as a country under progress should also take measures to overtake it. This problem is causing much disaster in our society.

 We are getting deprived by our health. Every kind of pollution cause so much disaster to health water is one of the most important things for living beings to live on water is so necessary for human beings. Water pollution is caused by many things trash and garbage into nearby streams the poisonous water from industries also get mixed into drinking water streams and so the water gets poisonous and infected. When this water is drunk by the people, they became seriously sick.

Lots of stomach diseases are caused by drinking filthy water people and animals are getting seriously ill by drinking that poisonous water. Many people have died because of it, too. The only way to avoid such situation is to face them. This social issue is only can be overcome by taking problem. We should also take improving steps to live a healthy life style. We should have to have social awareness to get water pollution over with. It would be the first step to be taken to have a clean and healthy life is to make people socially aware about their responsibilities to words their nation and homeland.

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