Way to Gain Larger Muscle Size

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Yes! You've seen those stupid commercials where it says: "... Hey, why fat, here's a way to get skinny again Oh, and it's a strange way very rare" Well, I would not say the following techniques They are strange, but they are definitely unique and controversial I think it strange ...

The odd tip here is to lift the weight, but without the weight ...

You can say "wait Vince, this is wrong. How can I gain muscle if I do not get up weights?" Well, the truth is you will not gain muscle. At least not directly. The real purpose of this is to focus on technique. But do not worry, this training is always weird. Imagine yourself in the gym and weight lifting an invisible front of everyone. It can be a funny scene, but do it. Just do it!

When you take a real weight, you will feel the difference. You will feel more of a professional. Something like when you finally master the guitar (or guitar hero) and then the next time you play just feels natural. The same applies here.

Another technique is to fold after you just finished the actual weight lifting. Remove the tray and flex as hard as you can. Hold the flex for about 10 minutes. Just kidding! Hold for about 5 seconds. But if you feel extraordinarily ambitious today, try to go for the record time of 10 minutes. There is nothing strange, right?

The last thing I want to discuss is the sloooooow move! You may not have heard of him, but it is still an effective strategy. The next time you do an exercise that involves weights like barbells or dumbbells, do it slowly. Move as slowly as possible and keep breathing in sync with the slow movement. Go slowly until you're convinced that someone put something in his drink and spend time really slow. The slower you go, the stronger it gets.

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