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 often the journey to individuality begins as a high school student or undergraduate, often continues into graduate school. With persistence and a little luck, the pursuit of uniqueness may, over the course of a lifetime of work and experience, culminate in a long and rewarding career. Unfortunately, tough economic times increasingly mean that those getting started on their edventures are more often competing against more experienced workers who have had setbacks in their careers and are looking for employment further down the career ladder. For college graduates competing against these seasoned professionals, finding a job can be a challenge.One way to help your chances against such stiff competition is to make your degree one-of-a-kind. It will take hard work and creativity, but the enterprising college student can help separate themselves from the pack by turning their standard university degree into something special that employers will have a hard time ignoring. Here’s how you can personalize your degree and make yourself a better candidate for jobs after graduation.

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