Ways to Earn bitmiles in BitLanders

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Ways to Earn Bitmile.s in BitLanders

Hi there my dear bitsers! I am writing a tutorial blog again to help our fellow newbies to cope with on this online community. Actually, I am tired of answering private messages on my inbox from some newbies who are asking for assistance so I decided to write this to make it up for those who are sending me private messages in global chat and in my inbox that I sometimes didn't able to reply

I will try my best to help you understand this platform and to give you the exact ways to earn bitmiles here in bitLanders. Perhaps, to earn bitmiles, you should be familiar first to some terms that are somehow related to the earnings on this particular platform. Come and let's start this up =)

BitLanders and bitmiles

The questions that maybe running to your mind as a newbie are what is this site for, how this site works and what is BITMILES? well, basically, these are the common questions that I repeatedly answered on my inbox and some private queries. To answer this on this blog, if you can spend some minutes, you can just watch the video tutorial below.

Video courtesy of Ata Rehman

For instance, bitLanders is a social gaming site that rewards its users for being socially active and by sharing quality contents in bitmiles. If you are wondering what quality contents I am referring of, well, quality contents are contents that you create on your own. You must know that there is a BIG NO for plagiarism or copying others works. If you does, well, say goodbye to your account :P Bitlanders now is very strict about submitting contests.

The conversion of bitmiles


Video courtesy of saori sam

After knowing what bitlanders is all about, you maybe asking about what is bitmiles since bitmiles is what you can earn from this site. To know exactly what is bitmiles and how bitmiles works, watch the video above. Hence, majorities of the newbies are always asking about the GBM or BM. GBM is short for the term gigabitmiles and BM is just for bitmiles. For the conversion, just see the image below.

From the blog of sir micky-the-slanted-salerno entitled How bitMiles Loyalty Points Work

You must know that there is a minimum amount for payout here which is ten dollars or ten GBM. If you didn't reach that yet, please stop asking on how to withdraw for now, just focus on making your bitmiles increase. If by instance that you already reached the minimum payout amount, kindly read my blog to know the process to withdraw How to withdraw your earnings in BitLanders?

After knowing what is bitlanders, how this site works and what is bitmiles, I know that you are now eager to know about "how to earn more bitmiles" or "what are the ways to earn bitmiles in bitlanders" so let's tackle it now.


I guess I already answered this question for a million times, haha! So I want to stop the series of answering questions about what are the ways to increase bitmiles on this blog. Now here, I listed the ways on how you will earn bitmiles, please read the following:

Image courtesy of www.google.com

1. Use your GEMS WISELY! If you are just new on this site, you will see that you can have gems by just doing the tasks on your QUEST BOX . Please make sure that you already read the instructions on submitting quality contents before trying one. The gems that you can get form the tasks on the quest box are the only free gems you can have for your account and please do remember that you can only do the tasks on your quest box ONCE. So you better spend your gems wisely.

As an old member here in bitlanders, I want to advise you to use your gems that you can gain from the quest box for submitting contents than buying stuffs on the store because when you submit contents, you can earn more bitmiles on the following days especially when you get a positive content review on your content and when that happens then you can buy gems to customize your avatar. If you buy stuffs or customize your avatar first, well, I guess it will take long for you to earn more bitmiles and you can not afford to buy gems to submit contents.

Image courtesy of Arjun-Saskar from his blog entitled Attractive set Blogs About bitLanders Survey on Global Chat for 1 month ago

 2. Participate to the SURVEY CHATS. Majorities of the newbies spend time on the global chat specially when asking for assistance. By any chance, I know that you , as a newbie, already encountered to be asked by the chat bots of our admins. Do participate on the bitlanders survey chat guys, that's the easiest way and literal way to earn bitmiles here in bitlanders. Some asking about why they didn't received those bitmiles from the survey chats, perhaps, we need to wait until the system updated our balance. Believe me guys, you will receive those, just wait.

You can also participate to the survey chats in www.bitmiles.com, you can use your bitlanders account to enter that site, no need to create one. You can earn bitmiles there by just participating or basically answering survey questions. So yeah, spend time in survey chat ( wink ^_*)

3. Collecting bitmiles from the notifications on home page. When you click on the house icon, it will lead you to your home page. Your homepage contains some promoted contents and only the contents of the users you've followed. What I mean about promoted contents are the contents with the bm-logo, when you click on that certain promoted content, you will see a little treasure box and that treasure box contains 10 bitmiles.  Click that little treasure box to get the 10 bitmiles and be added to your balance.


Aside from those promoted contents, you can also collect bitmiles by buzzing some notification posts from your homepage. What I mean by that notification posts are the post that showing whether a certain user have received her payment like the picture on the right side of the image above or when she donate some bitmiles to a certain charity. When you click on a post like those and buzzed it, you will receive 5 bitmiles from each.

The essence of having higher DIRECT POWER UPS

Now, Lets go to complicated one. As what I have said before, the best and the fastest way to earn bitmiles is to submit quality contents for review. When you submit quality contents and got positive content review from those, you will get additional power ups. Direct power ups is the digits next to the plus sign on your buzz score. To make it clear, take a look at the image above, 213 is my buzz score and that +62 is my direct power ups.

Now that you know which one is the direct power ups, I'll take this opportunity to explain why even though you have direct power ups, your buzz score sometimes remains the same, fall down or up just a little. Newbies always  do complain about this and asking me, so here. Direct power ups is not added to your buzz score, direct power ups is added to your BASE BUZZ. You can see your base buzz when you click on your account's statistics.

Check out the image to the right side. On that day I have 86 buzz score because the day before that I have 61 base buzz, base buzz is unpredictable, it will go up or down depends upon to your activities and to your contents so be active and add more stuffs. Then I have 25 direct power ups which I gained from the buzz bonus, doing my daily quests, purchasing stuffs which gave me some direct power ups, donating some bitmiles to a certain charity and of course from then positive content review that I have received from ma'am Hillary. Hence, we can say that BUZZ SCORE is the result of adding our base buzz and direct power ups, NOT the Buzz score and direct power ups. So newbies, make sure to be active, monitor your base buzz and focus on making that increase. And also, if you have the chance to make your direct power ups high, take it! It can help you have high buzz score.

High Buzz Score Means HIGH EARNINGS!

I want to encourage the newbies to become more active, not by buzz dealing or doing spamming but to be more active. When you  are active about buzzing, just make sure to prioritize buzzing rated contents or those contents that having starts because it will help you to at least make your sharing high ( sharing is one of the components of the base buzz) and will impact to your buzz score. Check out this blog to know about the rules on content [Update] Rules on Content on bitLanders.

Do submit your quality contents, don't be shy, Ma'am Hillary will give you advice to enhance more your skills  so try submitting your content to get some direct power ups and increase your base buzz (wink ^_*) The higher the buzz score you will gain, the higher the bitmiles you will receive! know that! ^__^

Up for now bitsers! ^__^ I hope that I answered some of your queries here! See you on the leader board! Have a nice day!

Note: The content of this blog is my original work, PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Thank you for reading!

---> Shaiera :)

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