Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

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Losing weight is really difficult nowadays. Food is just a corner away and its smell is really tempting so how can you resist it, right? Despite, I am starting to make a change as the Philippines is going for a change but honestly, I want to drive for the healthier lifestyle and to make use of it, I want to start it with my own body. 

And now its been 1 month and seeing those result really makes me more motivated and more determined to work more. But how  did I start? Honestly, I don't know where should I start. I am always thinking about going back to a gym where I used to be but I don't have enough money to sustain it or to make last so  canceled the plan but luckily, God is good to introduce me in one of the staff of Emmanuel & Jinkee's Heart Foundation ( see My Physical Therapy Journey) . 

So, I was scheduled to attend my physical therapy session every 1 o' clock to 3 at Pacman Wild Card Gym. What had just instructed I am just doing it but before doing it, I actually ask what is that for, what will happen if I worked it or what would be the result soon and every single detail I could know.  But I am not still contented because working out twice a week will not easily see the results but if I will work it out at home, why not. So, I researched some strategies on losing weight naturally, the exercises I can do if I'm home and etc until I found the one, the one what I strictly followed and now, I will share this  and hope you will like it and soon to enjoy this challenge. 

I know being a beginner is not easy but if you love yourself, you can do this. 

Now, I am challenging you to take this for next 15 days and see if there is something new to your body. 




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