Ways to make (a little) money on-line

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We'd all love to get paid for either doing nothing or for doing things we'd do anyway. The internet is full of sites offering these. Do they work?

Bitlanders is the obvious example. I've been on here a while, but only make a couple of cents per week generally.

Tsu is similar to Bitlanders in some ways. You get paid based on views and also get a share of those you recruit plus a smaller amount for the networks of users they bring in. I've taken out $200 over 20 months, but given almost as much again to charity. It's a generally friendly site. Has a lot of users in Pakistan.

There are various sites that pay cryptocurrency for various tasks. Some are just via a CAPTCHA

Free Bitcoin pays a random amount once an hour. Generally around 300 satoshi, but can be much more if you are lucky. Has a referral scheme to earn more and some gambling options to increase your winnings

Moon Dogecoin allows you to claim every five minutes. The more often you do it the more you will make as it's an increasing amount that slows down over time. Also has referrals

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