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I was also a hard smoker before and i light more than 2 packs of cigarette everyday and that made my lip color "Dark" and it's not so pretty, my breath smells like hell too my face also looked old. Those are the things that can made by cigarette smoking but those things are just minor because the worst is cigarette smoking will kill you slowly but surely.

managed to quit smoking by following ways that i stated below so if you really want to quit smoking you better read everything below.

Before Trying To Quit Smoking Keep This In Mind First

You must accept the fact that you will be feeling the feeling of a smoker whenever being unable to smoke and if you can't accept that then don't try this because you will be just wasting all your effort. 

You must set your mind that you are really going to quit smoking and think of everything good that will happen when you finally managed to quit smoking. For example; your lips will turn red again, your breath will smell fresh again, your teeth won't be destroyed anymore, you won't be catching diseases because of cigarette and etc.

And also, keep this in mind you won't be needing to spend your money for cigarette so you will be able to save bigger amount of money.

Quit Smoking Now!

The first thing to do is not to buy a cigarette and instead of buying cigarette buy candies.
Eat candies instead of smoking a cigarette, whenever you feel like you want to smoke what you need to do is to eatcandies.

BUT if you still can't help yourself and candy alone can't do the job then eat candy and make yourself busy. You can repair the broken appliances, write something, play with your child or anything but just don't set your house on fire.

If you are still craving for cigarette even if you are already eating candies and making yourself busy that is the righttime for you to do the most effective way but this is not for a long time so candies and activities must work on you. Get some sleep for the craving to vanish.


When you are still craving for cigarette and you love drinking coffee and if you are used to smoking while drinking coffee you must not drink coffee until you can tell yourself that you are not craving for cigarette anymore.

Do not taste a cigarette again even once because if you do you will be smoking again but this time it will be more often than you do before you start trying to quit smoking.


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