Ways to stop Drinking Alcohol

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One easy to apply method that requires nothing but a little self-control and motivation from your part is the so called 45 seconds method, which says you should wait 45 seconds before drinking alcohol, when the temptation occurs.

Whenever you feel the urge of having a drink, try to wait for 45 seconds and to switch attention to something else. If necessary, get outside and have a short walk or call a friend, or cook something. Whatever helps you keep the desire under control it’s perfect so apply this trick the next time you feel tempted to drink alcohol.

Obviously, it won’t be as easy as it sounds at the beginning, but if you keep this rule in mind and do your best to follow it, it will get easier after a few days. Try to follow this rule at least 21 days as this is the time needed for developing a new habit or getting rid of an old one.

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Safely Through Substitution

Another strategy to apply if you’re wondering how to give up drinking alcohol is the substitution method, which doesn’t mean you have to replace your alcohol addiction with another vice: what this method says is to replace alcohol with water, juice or tea, as in lots of people the temptation of drinking alcohol is greater when they’re hungry or thirsty.

A sweet juice such as cranberry juice can do wonders in the first days, as it provides enough sugar to satisfy your digestive system, which still needs those substances in alcoholic drinks, yet doesn’t contain any alcohol.

Obviously, herbal teas and water are even better alternatives, but most people can’t switch to these beverages directly so this is why juices are recommended at the beginning, until the organism’s internal equilibrium is restored.

How To Give Up Drinking Alcohol By Getting Involved

People wondering how to quit drinking alcohol often have too much free time and don’t know how to fill it with other activities, so they prefer having drink after drink and this makes their addiction worse.

One of the smartest ways to stop drinking alcohol is by getting involved in more projects or social activities that involve no drinks but can enhance your mood and self-confidence levels, helping you feel useful.

Search for charity organizations in your area and get involved. Helping other people with problems will help you as you’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of others and this will move your attention on things that really count. Moreover, you’ll want to be a good example for those people, so you’ll no longer want to be associated with alcohol addiction.

Help To Stop Drinking By Socializing More

This next strategy is somehow similar as it also involves meeting new people and simply socializing more. But make sure to choose the places you meet these people correctly – don’t go in bars or to parties to make new friends – opt for places where there’s no chance to be served an alcoholic drink.

Making new friends is an excellent way to rediscover how worthy you are and that you don’t need to spend your free time drinking and feeling miserable about yourself or about your life. You’ll see there are lots of people who need you out there and people you need, so go out and socialize more!

Still, try not to talk about your vice when meeting new people as making alcohol your main conversation subject will only complicate things and make it even tougher for you to keep your attention on other things than alcohol.

Stop Drinking Alcohol On Your Own By Avoiding Temptations

As with any other vice, avoiding the triggers is surely the best technique of quitting alcohol so try to keep temptations away. If you still have bottles of alcohol at home, get rid of them and if you’re usually hanging out with friends that tend to drink a little too much, stop seeing those people until you can control your alcohol cravings.

Avoid going to bars or parties as you’ll be tempted to drink. If you have to spend time with people who have this vice, try planning ahead the activities you’ll be doing together and make sure to state very clearly that you’re trying to quit this habit.

Ways To Stop Drinking Alcohol: Music Therapy

Music therapy is also an effective solution if you’re searching for ways to stop drinking alcohol as music can relieve stress, reduce anxiety and nervousness, enhance mood and induce a sensation of well-being, which will decrease the temptation of drinking.

Alcohol is often seen as a refuge by people who feel overwhelmed by stress, work, emotions and depression, so if you find an alternative “cure” for these feelings, you’ll no longer feel the urge of drinking when you’ll be in a bad mood.

Try to choose relaxing songs and if you’re not sure where to start from, browse for music therapies sites, as these usually have playlists with the most appropriate melodies for treating various conditions, from anxiety or attention deficit to alcoholism or drug dependence.

How To Quit Drinking Alcohol With Valerian

A last suggestion for quitting alcohol intake is valerian, herb used by ancient physicians for calming anxiety and other problems of the nervous system. This plant has sedative effects, being excellent in controlling nervousness, irritability, mood swings and depression as well as in relieving symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

To use valerian as cure for alcoholism, prepare a tea from the herb’s roots and drink this daily until you notice your health state starts improving. Still, avoid using this remedy excessively as taken in too large amounts it can caused vision problems and drowsiness.

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