WD Purple hard drive for video streaming

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Today I am gonna share a good news about a WD (western digital) purple hard drives. Recently WD announced that they are gonna launch a new purple hard drive which in specially for video streaming. This is highly optimized for video-surveillance applications. Its available in 1 TB (terabyte) to 4TB. Western Digital’s Purple 3.5-inch hard drive spends the most of his time for writing, so its mean this is highly recommended for video streaming sites like YouTube, dailymotion etc. Official person told we have highly optimized this hard drive.

We can use this HDD with home, small to medium sized business companies and small office systems. We don’t need special systems for it and we can upgrade it with our existing home and office systems. The drive is highly recommended for IP video cameras. If we talk about its efficiency then we can say this HDD is capable of writing 60TB data per year and having a warranty of 3 years.

As we know the old SATA (serial ATA) or PATA (parallel) 3.5-inches hard drive writing speed is less than 50 or 60 Mbps. But this time the thing is really changed. This purple SATA hard drive is atleast 5 percent faster then as compare to others. This also works extremely good if we connect it witch multiple security cameras. It can handle upto 32 IP video cameras data recording. 95 percent of the time is just spent on writing while the remaining used for little bit data read purpose. Bench mark statistics are really awesome. It also supports power-up in standby, TRIM, power management, host protected areas and security mode features.

I think this 48-bit purple SATA Hard drive is available in retail online websites like on Amazon and New egg. 1TB single hard drive affordable costs 90$ to 100$, 2TB 130$, 3TB 150 and 4TB is about 200$ for a single piece. Guys if you even like to play good video games then this is a good stuff for high data manipulation rate with 128 cache memory.

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