We are going to Temple now

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We are going to Temple now

Though the planning was for yesterday, but today we are going there, because yesterday, in the mean time, rain started falling and spoil our program. So we reschedule that program again today. Hope the rain will not interrupt today too. Our guests are feeling boring sitting here. Very rare thing they became able to see here. In fact, very rare thing and place are here to see too. Specially, temples are here to visit and spend time there. We have planned to visit “Bhadrakali Temple” and “1000 Pillar Temple” today; these two are very famous here. Specially, 1000 Pillar Temple has a very good historical background and many tourist come to visit this temple when they tour to visit hi-tech city Hyderabad.

So now we are becoming ready to go there. Do you often go outing? I love this.


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