We are the creators of our own lives

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We are the creators of our own lives


There are laws in the world in the name of (the laws of the universe) are mentioned as well as the rules and laws that are very large, and we're living under the same rules. These rules govern our lives is because we are in the universe which affected the performance of this type of law is spiritual. These rules lead to a very special person that attracts people from all soon. Whenever we knew these laws could have used to understand, then we were able to take responsibility for their own lives to find a target. It is time that we abandon the helpless victim in his life so that we may properly advance their lives.


Whatever we do in life and trying to understand it more if we contrast our path as easy will be faster. The laws of the universe that we have some things in which we operate and these rules are applied as appropriate, and permanent peace, love, health, wealth, and still always comes in, and is always current.So I tell them that instead of taking responsibility for their disability laws deny they ever think they make much use of external factors.



Every time we found how and why these conditions are and the way we are. First, we must learn how to govern and how the responsibilities should command their validity and to determine their own destiny.We are all human life within us that is in your life to carry a very high quality and excellent. Always in life, we must come to their own work and the work we are doing on our lives is governing and always be friendly to others. We always strive to go forward with your people with good mood and no irksome to self inflict.

Everything we see and feel is a reflection of our beliefs, the beliefs we have been transformed, then our lives will be changed.


Writer: Anoosh: barakzai

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his name is Anoosh barakzai he is 23 years old. he was born in nimrooz Province. he Graduate from school in 2010 he is working in film annex.

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