We digest what we eat

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Every educated person knows that humans have digested system different from other organisms. I am taking a small look on the digestive system of humans. The digestive system of human starts from mouth and ends at anus.

Stomach work for the small digestion of food. It is J-shaped located after oesophagus. It has two parts one is cardiac part and other is pyloric part. Stomach has two sphincters cardiac sphincter and pyloric sphincter. It releases a juice on the food when entered in this. This juice contains mucous, HCL and pepsinogen. HCL transfer Pepsinogen in active form pepsin. HCL also kill small organisms present in food. The stomach has ability to contract and relax. In this contraction and relaxation food converted into a soup like material and some of part of food is digested and goes in small intestine.

Most of the digestion occurs in small intestine. Small intestine starts from the end of stomach and end at the start of large intestine.it has three parts known as duodenum, jejunum and ileum.


Duodenum deals with the digestion of food with the help of bile come from bile duct present near the liver. Jejunum deals with the rest in the digestion of food. The last and the longest part of small intestine is ileum. It deals with the absorption of the digested food and also work in adding absorbs food in blood.

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