We Need A Push To Do More

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     In your Life you've to know you are be punished or having Tribulation from God.
Punished : If you made Mistakes in Your life , God would Punish you.
             Tribulation: God put you in a tribulation Just for easy test it's called patient.
In these Cases of Tribulation and Punishing we must make our life EASY .


We need a push to do more but How we Can get a push and what are Things we will do .
 There are good Things give you a Push Such as, If You have a good wife(or husband) ,she'll give you a push to arrange your plans for her and Your children and She makes your life easy .
During Supporting your favorite team or player when it or he has scored goal ,at This moments you've crazy power in your Soul and you become happy That's make you To Think about good Things Only and forgetting bad's.
When You Keep on your Pray You will feel that God with You ,

That's only Greater Goal, we should get.


''Life is like a box of chocolates...'' May your new year be filled with many sweet treats and wonderful surprises!
Get ready to be thankful for all types of bad luck and fate .


Written By : Ahmed Abd Elrhman

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I'm Studying Journalism at Faculty of mass communication - Cairo University
my birthday 5/6/1993
From Almaza, Al Qahirah, Egypt
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