We should try to be best friend to our friends instead of looking for best friend

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most times we all look for friends and we do wanted to have good friends and good friends always make us happy. It is always good to be good friends to others.

I have noticed that some people do have lots of friends and they do attract lots of friends. I have talked to one of my friends who keep friendships with everyone and even with friends who are selfish. She told me that we should try to be good friend than trying to find good friends among others.

Best friends can only find once in a while and we can get best friends from lots of friends that we have in our life. Best friends can be our childhood friends or the friends that we know well and it do require time to get best friends.

I do think that we should always try to be best friend to others and most times we will notice that we get lots of happiness when we show good friendships with our friends.

I do think that we should accept differences in opinions that we have among our friends.

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