We Stayed at a Smart Minimalist Home in Davao City

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Finding a place to stay when traveling is not anymore as hard as years ago. The internet and the emergence of several webs and mobile apps which enables one to search for a place to stay keep this task very easy to manage, it would then boil down to which space is the best for our needs.

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Just like when James and I went to Davao City last month. Looking for space was more of confusion rather than a quest. There are so many places to stay, good places in that matter and also very affordable.

With Airbnb, finding a home was easy but also confusing because of too many choices. But then it was easier than finding nothing at all. So I searched, I choose and book the one which stood out among the rest. The beauty of this website is that you really know that the reviews are raw and real because only those who really stayed in the property can make a review.

So, today, let me share with you our experience in staying at this Smart Home in Davao City.

What is a Smart Home?

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According to my own research with the help of Mr. Wikipedia, here's what a Smart Home refers to:

Smart Home refers to a home automation system which will control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems.

Our technology today allows homeowners to have their presence at home while being away from home. That sounds very confusing but hear me out, I am just saying that the house owners can monitor their homes even if they are away through the use of the internet and the different devices that are connected to it, thus called a Smart Home.

Davao City Smart Minimalist Home

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It was my first time to find a Smart Home on Airbnb, I am pretty sure there are many of these homes in the other part of the world but as for a third world country like ours, this is something which is rare. I reckoned only for a short while when I found it in Airbnb.

Of course, I have to consider the pricing and reviews. Both of these aspects were convincing that I had relayed it to my husband for confirmation, right there and then. The reviews were all in five stars, the comments and feedback were very positive that it was no brainer for us to book it too!

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With less than Php 2000 pesos in total, we were able to savor this really enjoyable and comfortable stay in this Smart Home Condominium unit within the heart of Davao City.

To give you a glimpse, here are the features which made this unit a Smart Home and a minimalist at the same time.

Front Door Smart Locking

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The unit is equipped with Smart Locking mechanism at the Front Door. The host, Mr. Jeff gave us our unique passcode upon check-in. We really enjoyed using it to lock and unlock the front door.

We felt like kids playing around, it was like music to my ears when we hear its mechanical insides locking and unlocking the door.

Alexa Echo Dot

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What we were really looking forward as well is Alexa. You might have an idea what this is but for the benefit of those who don't, this is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon. It is connected to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service called Alexa, which responds when with the command word "Alexa".

Alexa's features include but not limited to voice-command interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and playing audiobooks. It can also control several smart devices.

There are around 1,500 commands available for Alexa which can be searched on the internet. Unfortunately, not all commands are available in the Philippines, especially those relating to
Amazon Prime’s movies and music.

Ultra HD Fire TV, NetFlix, and Cable

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Equipped with Fire TV, which allowed us to watch unlimited Netflix and Youtube which we made sure to take advantage of. Like the entire time, we were streaming and there were no issues with the internet at all. They got a very fast connection and I really loved that streaming in multiple devices didn't even change the video qualities of either media sources.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime does not work in the Philippines so we didn't get a chance to experience that. However, it was still a good means of relaxation to watch on a huge television screen which we don't have at home because we don't see the use of having one. But in times like this, when on a vacation, it is indeed entertaining to have one.

Our Experience

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Our supposed 24-hour stay here seemed very short. In fact, we wanted to extend it but we have a flight in the afternoon. There was only one mishap which was the keypad access, it took us a few minutes to get into the house but the owner was just a few phone rings and we were able to get in successfully.

This type of guest access is very nice most especially to those who are introverts like me, I am an introvert most of the time but would talk if you approach me. Anyway, it is good not to be in contact with the owner but we were given instructions and guides days before the stay which I greatly appreciate.

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In addition to that, a printed equivalent copy of the digital file was also available at the dining table as well as a manual key just in case. I marveled at how clean and very tidy this place was upon our entry. Of course, we were excited with Alexa and the bed because we were extra tired.

It felt like I was home, I love the lighting, the interiors, and the minimalist vibe. They got USB ports all over the living room and bedroom so I never really had to take my own charger out to charge my mobile device as there were already cables provided both for iOS and Android phones!

Aside from that, I was also able to work with bitLanders using their movable computer table, it was really easy to move around and it can also be adjusted to a certain height.

Unlimited access to Netflix and cable connection was also provided. So the entire night, we just watched Netflix movies, enjoyed the couch but also went out to find food at the SM mall next to it. It's very convenient because guests can just walk a few minutes and they'll arrive in the mall to find whatever they need, the same was the case for us.

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I truly appreciate the guidance provided to us prior to arriving, it also includes the tutorials on how to use their Smart TV as well as a list of emergency numbers in Davao City, I don't usually receive this list in the other places that we have stayed in.

Aside from that, they got all of our needs covered, there is functional kitchen equipment, cooking is always possible which we also used in the morning for breakfast. There were instant coffees too and some snacks. Our toiletries were all provided and the bathroom got enough tissue papers.


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As much as we still want to stay, our time had ended and we really had a great time inside the Smart Home that we didn't have time to go out in our third day in Davao City until we checked out.

It was also smooth as the owner provided us with parking space for our rented motorcycle. Also, I must state that all the condominium amenities can be used while staying like their playground and the pool. The community was very peaceful which we love and the people around were really helpful.

Overall, I gave it five stars in their review section. When I checked their page today, I found they got more five reviews, all 24 reviews got five stars and I know why so if you come by Davao City and you are looking for a home, try booking it through Airbnb. Click the link!


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via Cloudinary


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