We Want Peace - Music video

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With Sallam (hello) a message, a chant and greetings to all Elders,Young, Small and Aged Afghan Men and Women.

We want a pen to write down a letter and a tongue to deliver a message to the people of the world,

We want peace, we want peace !

We have flown in its air through every wall and door for years.

Open your eyes my heart we are reaching our destination now.

From every door and sky join us sing together to the world.

We want peace, we want peace ! Let's talk and say with me my countryman Kabul, Takhar, Logar and Bamyan

Lets talk and say with me my countryman, Kandahar, Nengarhar and Noristan.

Open your wings and fly to reach that valley So that we can reach from ruins to prosperity.

Hey ! my countryman let's talk and say with me to the world. We want peace, we want peace.

A Music video produced, Directed & edited by Jamil Yosufi ( For Peace ) Song Performed by Wayan Honarjo

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