Web TV Channels of Bitlanders (Introduction to All)

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        As we all know bitlanders is a social gaming where you are rewarded of your posting, sharing, connecting, influence, blogging & marketing platform Also you can say a gamified marketing platform. Bitlanders pay us with Bitcoins.In this blog i am going to tell you about online TV network created by the Founding Father of BitLanders.There are various different individual web TV channels in it All are dedicated into series of different themes like sports, interviews, short films,comedy, suspense etc. Following are the names of these web TV Channels :

1. Bravame
2. Classimatic
3. Sportivy
4. Conversaty
5. Comediaty
6. Silentyarn
7. Suspensaty
8. Animaty
9. Stories on the Web

This is a List of Web TV Channels. All Most of you Don't know "What is Web TV?" So let me explain: Web TV is Web Television This is a kind of original television which produced original television content for broadcasting via the Internet or world wide web. Web TV is also sometimes used to refer to internet television, which mostly includes of programs, interviews, movies and kind of original contents. There are many Web TV's Available on Internet. But now i will like to briefly Introduce to each individual web TV Channels.

1. Bravame:


                                                                           It is a private web TV channel that displays the work of freelance filmmakers, animators and directors from all over the world. The web channel showcases independent films, animations, short films and web series. The channel is a Nice source for creative commoners to show their work in front of people from all over the world. If anyone has professionally Created movies outside the major film studio or a video in which the mirage of motion and form is modified by quickly exhibiting the series of static Pictures .Then it is a web TV channel where you'll be able to submit the videos and get attention of users from all over the world. Videos such as a film which has a video of less than 40 minutes or a series of many episodes released online are also displayed on it. The website was founded in 2006. There are many movies you can see on this channel. All are of high quality. I watched some of the movies. One of them is "LIVING WITH SOMEONE"

                                                                    image source: google


It is a Short about a girl named Alice who has an Imaginary Boyfriend. Name of her Boyfriend is Adam. Documentary is by a UK Based Filmmaker Mark Kuczewski. If you like to watch this short film >>> Click here <<< or Watch it below:



                                                                                   video source: bitlanders                                                 



For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel Bravame >>> Click here <<<




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2. Classimatic:


                                                                    It is a web television channel displaying classic films & series, famous cartoons for Teens and public domain films. You can watch the work of popular legendary directors such as Charlie Chan, Charlie Chaplin,Alfred Hitchcock and many more renowned celebrities. There are also best cartoons of all the times such as Popeye,Tom and Jerry and many other famous cartoons. One of the other things that It displays on its page is the films which are free to use by the public for any purpose or the films whose copyright is expired. These kind of films are known as public domain movies. You can watch a lot of old cartoons and movies here Because Old is Gold and Gold is never old. Also Old style comedy with Popeye.This television channel is a part of  M.T. I USA, Inc. which became a great actor in the film industry since 2005 and has provided a platform for more than 40,000 independent filmmakers. You can browse  Different channels to see movies Classified by Directors.

                                                image source :https://www.facebook.com/classimatic


I watched some movies of  "Popeye" One of them i liked is Popeye for President where Popeye & Bluto are both running for president But unfortunately votes are tied. So now Olive has to decide who wins.  >>> Click here <<< if you want to watch it.

                                                                                     image source: google



 Also you can see this video here below :

                                                                               video source: bitlanders


For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel Classimatic  >>> Click here <<<


                                                                                                image source: google


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3. Sportivy:


                                                                       It is a web television channel which shows many videos of sports and games from Completely different competition matches like car racing, football matches etc. Also interviews with the athletes to know their opinion about the competitions.There are many athletes present on bitLanders like Miki Biasion, Alessandro Fatichi, Xcorps etc. Videos of their entertaining car competitions are available on this channel. This web TV channel also broadcasts other extreme sports such as Judo & Martial art Competitions and showcases popular games such as Olympics Also some other sports like baseball, squash etc.


image source:https://www.facebook.com/sportivychannel


I watched some videos of Xcorps Action Sports in Which Xcorps host and reporter Rat Sult opens up this MEGA X show from the ROSE Bowl in Pasadena California where the Air and Style weekend event was held February 21/22 2015. Rat rolls the crowds and the PRESS zones at the bottom of the mega snow ramp with the XCORPS cameras rolling the sick BIG AIR Action! Included here is historic video of 18 year old Japanese boarder Yuki Kadono hucking the first ever in completed in competition ‘Switchback Backside Triple cork 1620 Mellon” If you want to watch it >>> Click Here <<< or watch it below:

                                                                                 video source: bitlanders


For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel Sportivy >>> Click here <<<



                                                                                                                      image source:google


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4. Conversaty:

                                                                       As you can see the Name Conversaty it comes from conversate Which means to have a conversation. Like its name it is also full of conversations. It is a web television channel which presents interviews of renowned and popular people from all over the world. This web TV channel mostly broadcasts the interviews with film directors, actors, athletes and business men & women. Most of the Interviews are with Celebrities. Like all other web television channels, It is also the part of MTI USA, Inc. Many of the interviews are hosted by Mannythemovieguys. I saw him on bitlanders when he was on leaderboard. Manny the Movie Guy is a multi-Emmy award-winning film critic who has always had a passion for movies. His love of film criticism started while working for his school newspaper at Purdue University. Upon graduation, Manny was offered a full-scholarship to complete his Post Baccalaureate degree in Film at the School.


                                                                                       image source:google



I watched many of the interviews by him. One of the best is "Insurgent" Interview with Oscar winner Octavia Spencer. Octavia Spencer (“The Help”) is a newcomer in the world of “The Divergent Series.” She plays Johanna, the leader of the Amity faction. I sat down with the sweet Oscar-winning actress to talk about her interest in joining the franchise, her character & what’s beyond the wall? Here is the interview below :


                                                                                 video source:google




 For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel  Conversaty >>> Click Here <<<

                                                                          image source:google


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5. Comediaty:


                                                                                         As you can see the name Comediaty it means Full of comedy. Like its name It is an entertaining web TV channel that displays comedy fun movies and animations provided by independent filmmakers & animators. It promotes a diverse workplace & is an equal opportunity employer. It is the policy of the Comediaty company to employ the man or woman best qualified for the job regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability (handicap) or marital status. If you wish to laugh out loud, here's a perfect comedy site which doesn't make you feel bored and is a great source for entertainment. Because there are many plays & movies to make audience laugh. The website was founded in 2006 and it is a part of M.T.I USA Inc. I Watched many movies here of Anderson-West i also watched his movies on bitlanders. Anderson West is an award winning UK and Floridian filmmaker who enjoys shooting what he knows, thinking far too big, and hopes to one day, dream for a living. He studied Media (Film) Production at Stafford shire University and finished with a 1st class Honour's. He has directed, produced & shoot.

                                                                                                       image source:google

One of the most i liked is "First Day, 2010 Comedy drama" From U.K Based Film Maker Anderson West.  In this film A good kid who has never had a reason to be in detention, until now. Now he is stuck in detention with Mr Davis. The dictator like Science Teacher cum Detention Master, but we are about to find out how exactly Oscar ended up in this mess. Here is the Video of this film:



                                                                        video source: bitlanders


For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel  Comediaty  >>> Click Here <<<



                                                                         image source: google


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6. Silentyarn:


                                                                                                 As you can see the name of this Web TV channel Silentyarn It is made up by two words silent and yarn. All of you know that silent means unspoken or Wordless & yarn means Story or tale. So it is clear that this web TV channel is presenting Silent and Classic Stories. It is a web TV channel that showcases various silent films of well known directors. The silent films are those films in which no dialogue is spoken and the dialogue is transmitted through muted gesture and mime. This web channel displays the work of popular directors like George Wilhelm Pabst, Georges Méliès, Edwin S. Porter and many more renowned filmmakers. I watched many films here they are quite impressive. I watched one film here which i already watched times ago on bitlnaders in movies of SemMaltsev .SemMaltsev is a filmmaker  born & raised in Moscow, Russia. Now residing in New York City, Sem has channeled his years of experience as an independent film maker and editor in numerous projects for renowned directors including Abel Ferrara, top runway models and Olympic athletes, among others.

                                                                               image source: google

One of them i liked is " The Night Before Christmas."  It is a 1905 American silent short film directed by Edwin S. Porter for the Thomas A. Edison Manufacturing Company. It follows Clement Clarke Moore's poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Here is the video below:

                                                                                  video source: google


For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel  Silentyarn  >>> Click Here <<<


                                                                        image source:google 



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7. Suspensaty:


                                                                                              As we can see the name of this web TV Channel Suspensaty. Suspensaty consists of suspense and aty which means A feeling of excited about what may happen and Really Believe me this channel is Full of suspense Films. It is web television channel that displays suspense and thriller movies produced by independent filmmakers and popular directors. If you a fan of watching movies that have suspense and thrill in them, this web television is the perfect channel for you.The web television channel is also a part of M.T. I USA, Inc. It was founded in 2006. I Watched many videos here of Markkuczewski I found him Also on Bitlanders. Mark Kuczewski has directed and worked on many short films over the past few years many of witch are now making their way round the festival circuit. Ready or Not has picked up awards for ‘Best thriller’ and the ‘No Limits Award’ as well as being screened at Eat our Shorts at the BFI and Exposures. Along with this Mark has had success’s with two of his other shorts, Playground witch was screened at the BKSTS screening at the BFI and Lost Dreams witch was screened at Short Cuts.

                                                                       image source: google


This film i liked the most because it a award winning short london based Thriller By Mark Kuczewski. Here is the video below:


                                                   video source: bitlanders


For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel  Suspensaty  >>> Click Here <<<


                                                image source: google


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8. Animaty:


                                                                                        As we can see the name of this web channel Animaty. Animaty consists of anim and aty which means Animated stories. So this channel is displaying animated films & series including classic cartoons and independent animations. In today's generation, almost every person out there is a huge fan of anime. This web television channel is a perfect place for anime lovers and anime filmmakers. If you wish to watch popular classic cartoons or the work of independent anime directors.You should give this channel a try. This channel is also a great source for those independent animators who have creativity and skill in their movies but don't have enough resources to show that to everyone. I watched many short films by Budovsky.  Born in St Petersburg, Russia on January 21st, 1975.  Moved to New York in 1994. 2000 - Graduated from Brooklyn College, (bachelor of Arts) with emphasis on film. 2002 - Produced two animated music videos for British musician Stephen Coates also known as (The Real) Tuesday Weld or the Clerkenwell One of the films, "Bath time in Clerkenwell" received recognition and awards in many film festivals around the world.Including the Jury Award for the Best Animation at Sundance Online Film Festival 2004. One of his short film i liked is below:

                                                                           Image source: google


This animated short is dedicated to the Moon landing anniversary 2009 and shows different kind of aliens competing to raise their flags on a new found planet. Watch the complete short film below:


                                                             video source: bitlanders


For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel  Animaty >>> Click Here <<<


                                                                                                         image source:google


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9. Stories on the Web:


                                                                                           As you can see the name of this channel Stories on the web. It is cleared by name that This wet TV channel Contains Stories in Series.  This web television channel is  showcasing the web television series directed by independent filmmakers and animators. The trend of watching TV shows is very common these days and people prefer watching TV series over films. For those people who love watching TV series or animated series, this channel is for you people. Like all Channels  i also find a filmmaker here who is a bitlanders user And Already i watched his animated series. He is Alexander-Trapp.  He has his own Production " it's A Trapp! Productions. He is a Writer, gamer, Go Animator, film buff, comic book nerd. He wanna be historian. Also lover of dinosaurs, anime, and science fictions. One of his best web series is Ninja Steve which has 7 episode i watched them. here it is below:

                                                                                                   image source: google


Here are episode 1 here below:


                                                                                       Episode No 1





                                                                                                          video source: bitlnaders



For more Episodes  Visit Web TV Channel  Stories on the Web >>> Click Here <<<



                                                                                                 image source: google


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10. Documentaty:


                                                                                               As you can see the name of this web TV channel Documentaty which means this channel consists of Short Documentary films. This web television channel which showcases documentaries related to  education,  politics, environment, news and world's most tackling issues. The web television channel also includes documentaries related to history of a certain place or history of some popular country. If you want to know about the issues going around in the world, this web channel is the best for you. The television channel was founded in 2006. Many useful documentaries are available here. I watched few Documentaries they are quite impressive. One on the video here i already watched on bitlanders is " Bitlanders Launches Anonymous Registration"

                                                                                           image source : google

In this documentary Its telling that bitLanders now gives all new users the option to register anonymously.You no longer need to share your name or email address. You get maximum privacy and security as you only choose a nickname and password & no personal data will be collected during registration. Here is the documentery film below:

                                                                                              video source : bitlanders



 For more Entertaining Movies Visit Web TV Channel  Documentaty >>> Click Here <<<



image source: google

All images source : google
All video source: bitlanders

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