Weekly data

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Weekly Data
- Minimum deposit is 0.05 BTC
- Weekly payout threshold is 0.20 BTC
- Invested BTC 121 / Current Value 32 BTC = Diff -0.74% unchanged
- Earnings = 0.52% unchanged
- Withdrawals: Partial 4 = 6.64 BTC and full 10 = 12.37 BTC

Small Account Buyouts
The first round of 20 account buyouts has been completed. The next round of account buyouts will begin the week of March 28.

We continue to seek out new altcoins for the contingency fund but at final decision has not been made.

Currently most of the altcoins we stake are in positive territory with a slight uptrend in progress. Clients can review the state of each altcoin on their account homepage.

Altcoins are generally positive with some solid volumes yet the markets remain volatile with no clear sign of an ability to call new floors for a majority of our coins yet.

We hope the Irish among you had a great St. Patricks day and have a great week!


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