Weekly Recap - Social Media, Filmmaking, Education

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This week, I mostly worked on our social media platforms and filmmaking content.

We received several new content: videos from Zacuto for their FilmFellas series, musicians and singers' interviews by Rust Magazine, a new showreel by Film Annex's veteran Mark Kuczewski. The National Archives Web TV created last week now counts 70 videos from historical and governments records. This week, we also welcome Sean Wickett who just uploaded his first video, Shaolin Delivery Boy, an animated sequence part of a short film. It looks promising and I'll have more to say about him next week.

Our list of featured content is also growing everyday. The Chivteam Web TV and Zacuto just joined Eren's picks, and we added several new videos in the Current Events section.

I worked on questions that will be asked to students in the Examer software, an educational social networking platform. It will be used by students in Afghan schools. This project is part of Film Annex's initiatives in Afghanistan. The questions I came up with concern 4 topics: sharing content online, be influential on the web, blogging and filmmaking and online film distribution. It let me catch up on interesting social media facts. Did you know that more content are shared online on Wednesdays? And that it's not on Instagram or Pinterest but on Facebook that people shared photos the most?

I also worked on our last press release about the Esteqlal Football Club. As part of its initiatives in Afghanistan, Film Annex just acquired a ten percent equity position in the Afghan soccer team.

For the social media part, I've been thinking lately on how to improve our messages on our platforms and make them more engaging. Which one can we make more personal? Some ideas are coming up and will be tested in the following weeks!

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