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Homemade Weight Loss Drink With 0 Calories And A Ton Of Energy



This drink is made with apple and cinnamon contains virtually no calories and can help you to lose weight,and most importantly,provide you a lot of energy.

What you will need:

‚óŹ 2 Apples
‚óŹ 2 Sticks of cinnamon
‚óŹ 1 Wide neck bottle
‚óŹ 1 Liter of plain water
Preparation :
‚óŹ Wash the apples,cut them into thin slices and place them in the bottle.
‚óŹ Put two or three cinnamon sticks in the bottle.
‚óŹ Fill the ingredients with water,close the bottle and put it in the refrigerator overnight.
‚óŹ Drink the water every day.

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