Weight loss through Protein Diet

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Weight loss is the burning desire of many people. Men or women, whoever is overweighed wants to get back to standard size? They try different remedies, workouts, diets or go for starvation to lose weight. There are three ways to lose weight:

  • Through heavy exercise
  • By reducing your appetite
  • By increasing your metabolism



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Now, it’s up to you to choose the best. Dieting is helpful for losing weight, but most diets lead towards starvation. This type of diet makes you irritated and unsatisfied. Do you want to lose weight by eating? Yes yes! Lose weight through eating.


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Eating a high protein diet is more helpful than starvation and exercise. Proteins are essential for your body and eating proteins in a calculated amount is best for weight loss. People think that protein is only available in meat, eggs, fish, etc. but it’s not entirely right. You can have proteins from many products. This article is all about the food items that provide you high protein and also help in weight loss.


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How much Protein is necessary?

Before going towards food items, it is essential to know that how much protein is necessary. The research said that women should take 50grams of proteins per day while men should take 60 grams. This amount is enough for a healthy body. However, keep in mind that proteins will help in weight loss only if it's in a suitable amount. Excess of proteins will lead you towards weight gain.


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Benefits of high proteins

• High protein diet will help in Weight loss.
• High protein diet will help in Muscle building.
• High protein diet will help in controlling your appetite.
• High protein diet will help in increasing metabolism.

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Sources of High Proteins


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If you don’t want to eat eggs or chicken don’t worry, fruits can also provide proteins. Guava is the world best protein fruit. Only a single cup of guava can give you 112 calories and 4.2 grams of proteins. This fruit can help you with weight loss as it’s a high protein food item.



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Those who love eating green vegetables can also take high protein diet through peas. This magical vegetable can contain more energy than spinach. It is not only a rich source of protein instead it also provides vitamin CPeas also help in boosting the immune system. A cup of peas can give you 8 grams of protein. Peas help in controlling your appetite. Use it with salad or omelet it will surely help you in reducing weight.

Cottage cheese


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Cottage cheese is commonly used in our life, but no one knows that it’s a rich source of protein. It’s is recommended when you aim to lose weight through a high protein diet. Cottage cheese is the best snack during your working hours, or it can also use for different things. Only ½ cup of cottage cheese can give you 14 grams of proteins. Hence, it is the best snack for weight loss.



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Lentil; the most straightforward food item that is available in almost every kitchen. It’s the most significant gift of nature because only a cup of lentils contains 18 grams of protein. It also includes healthy fiber that will keep you full for long hours. If you want to lose weight, then go for lentils because researches said that lentils help in losing weight fast. It also makes your heart healthy. High protein diet plan must include lentils because it’s healthy food.


Potatoes relate to weight gain. However, an adequate amount of potato is an excellent source of protein. A medium-size potato with skin is perfect for your health. It contains almost 4 grams of protein. Potato can increase the calories but use it in a week. Losing weight through potato is seemed to be stupid but if your goal is to get a high protein diet than you should also add potato in your diet.



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I feel good when I see people moving towards oats instead of rich breakfast. Oats provide you a readymade source of protein that is initially for weight loss. You should avoid prepared oatmeal’s because it can contain extra sugar while pure oats are a good option. Each 100 gram of oats includes 17 grams of protein that is enough for breakfast. Working people should try oats because its time is saving and health.


Above mentioned foods items are just a glimpse of high proteins; there are still many more. It will surely help you in losing weight.

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The phenomena used by high protein diet are that it cut your cravings and reduce the desire of late night eating. Cravings are the enemies of your diets. Most people fail to lose weight because they can’t control their desires but proteins help in coping theses problems. The proteins we take drastically increase the metabolism of our body which allows us in digesting food.
I recommend all of you to go for a high protein diet for weight loss. I am sure you will love this strategy of reducing weight.


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