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What do you need to lose unneeded weight? And how can we do it there is a great difference between knowing the pass and walking the pass … every one dreams with lean beach body

But not everyone have it we get what we work for not what we dream of..

Many people worldwide dream of a lean beach body.. What is the most effective way to lose weight... if you asked anyone I want to lose weight? What do you think there answer will be?

Most of people will answer with the same words go to the gym and star a diet

But what is a diet?

Special course of food to which people restrict them self from or eat it . Either to lose weight or to gain it

Each body type may need a diet plan special for it le lose weight correctly without any side effect.

Here comes another question if I want to lose weight without going to doctor how can I set my diet plans    

Without Consult a specialist it will be hard but here comes some tips

Stop drinking soda with all types

Start to eat clean and fresh food

Stop eating junk food

Drink a lot of water daily

Avoid candy and sweets and start eating fruits it better candy.

After setting the nutrition plan you have to set workout plan

6 days and one day off it the best work out routine and the intense of you work out should be range from 30 to 45 minutes if you stick to that  you will feel the difference within 4 weeks   

Give 8 weeks for your friend to see the change  

Give 12 weeks for the whole world to feel the change ..

It all about discipline and dedication if you manage to change your eating life style it will help you to live a healthy life …


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