Weird But Happy Dream

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Last night, I dreamed of a happy dream. This was the setting:

I am at my grandparents' house at Norzagaray, specifically at the kitchen. I think it was my birthday that day and I have two cakes right in front of me. One is a red ribbon chocolate cake which is from my family and the other one is a green square shaped cake given by boyfie. I was about to take a picture of it when boyfie came saying that we should eat the cake now. I don't know why in my dreams, I got very angry with him and so I walked out. Weird right. Haha. 

I went straight to the comfort room which is as big as a typical room in real life. In the comfort room, I found my grandmother (my late grandma) and my grandfather laying in their separate bed. And watching in their separate TV. A bed and a television set in the comfort room. How cool is that. And then I sat beside my grandma whom in my dreams is still strong and has a long black hair. Together we watched Korean dramas and that was indeed the happiest day for me that I forgot about my boyfie who was waiting for me outside. Haha

I often dream about my grandma who passed away already. I think she misses me. I hope she knows that I miss her too.

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