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I am just reading a number of articles and I found a vast range of topics
on which people are exploring and writing but here the users are very well to write on the edge of word limit with their just gaining a space which is fine when
you just want to the chicken not the eggs.
But what happen when a good article went in drain with out any notice on it.
It discourage the writer and she/he start to compromise with the quality and standard of the subject just to gain a space make a use it for making mullah.
Which is an act of compromise with your creativity.
And some start to copy paste this why....because it is just a matter of numbers not the topics.....
So welcome in Rat race...only lucky or tacky can survive...
Those are the days when some unique and outstanding is appreciated even the
article checkers are also from same genes.

So best of luck to try in dark well of unknown happening.

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