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I waited and just made it a point to get married first before I could introduce to you all my husband, James or semaj, we call him that way. He had already signed up a few days ago or I guess that's a week already but he was not active. I just asked him to sign up so I can get additional buzzes however, something had happened today, he had asked me about bitLanders and it seemed that he is already interested with it and so I let him post something on his account.

And this article is made because he requested for it. He asked me how to get more subscribers and he also suggested that I should introduce him so he can gain more subscribers and friends here too! So that should be a legit reason for me to make this article.

He is glad that the site isn't blocked in his work's network. He works as a web developer in Arcanys and I will leave the rest of his info for him to write about it.

Please do subscribe to him. He will subscribe back for sure!

semaj - > http://www.bitlanders.com/_semaj_

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