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Hello Everyone,

My experimental film, HELL, is now online. Comprised of short vignettes, my experimental film follows nine women as they encounter the nine circles of sin from Dante's "Inferno". This is not about the extremes in the world, but an every day Hell we can all relate to. Shot in three different countries and six different cities, I blogged extensively as I was creating each circle.  You can read those blogs here: http://inbytheeye.wordpress.com/category/hell-2/

It was a such a pleasure and a challenge to work on. I had an amazing cast and crew, each actress wrote the story for their sin with me, and then pulled together the film shoot wherever they were.  I was on set only for Lady Dis, Lust, and my own. They then sent me the footage and I edited it together. So, I was getting all types of files, sizes, and frame rates from all over the world (Brazil, England, Spain, US). But I made it work!  And each vignette has its own style. 

I'm so proud of this film and what we all accomplished. We fortunate to be featured in the summer 2013 issue (also the 150th Anniversary Issue) of Parabola Magazine (one of the world's foremost journals on myth and tradition), and had a premiere in New York at the Anthology Film Archives. Two dreams come true for me!  And we were excited that Film Annex could join us at the NY premiere.

Welcome to HELL! Let the Lady Dis guide you. And if you're willing to share, please let me know which circle of Hell spoke to you the most. I've so enjoyed hearing from audience members where they found themselves along the way.

(Can view here too: http://www.filmannex.com/movie/hell/41509)

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