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As I have gotten older. I have discovered that even though I share the same air an land mass that you may occupy on this planet. My world is different at times an It is OK to be different. Mine is a little more challenging at times. Some may even see the world as I do for different reasons making the way they deal with it different as well.
I live out of town it is safer that way. I can sit an watch the grain of the wood floor beneath my feet rise up around my knees. The texture on the walls an ceiling come out into the center of the room. So I do not know how far I can walk before I hit the real wall. Some days the sun is so bright I walk with my eyes closed.I have a red itchy rash most of the time an a runny nose that bleeds from time to time. I bruise real easy at times I am so hot it feels as though I will spontaneously combust at any moment.The inside of my ears are swollen an itchy making it hard to hear people at times. I get a twitch/or quiver that goes down my whole body after witch I am cold like I have been out playing in the snow. I am tired all the time. I do not sit with out some thing to do or I fall asleep shortly after.My ability to see is changed by things I eat or come in contact with. I have a sore throat most of the time with out being sick.I also forget what I am doing later I find the wet laundry still in the washer. I can not spend much time on here the light in my face makes my eyes hurt after a few minutes. This is just a glimpse into my world with all this going on I get up at 5:30 am fix meals, clean house, do laundry, walk dogs, Do dishes, an help any one in need, catch glimpses of TV shows others are watching until 11:00 pm when I go to bed an sleep until the next day. Every once in a while I get up a few times during the knight an help other family members. I some times wonder what the world is like from their point of view. Life may be a challenge at times but it is good an just in case you are wondering I do not drink smoke or take drugs I can not even remember to take a vitamin C every day.

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I am from out in the country self taught functional artist. I like wearable art. I use all sorts of things from thread to seeds, to make things that are pretty enough my family will ware it in public.

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