What are the Fallas?

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The Fallas is a Spanish party, rooted in the city of Valencia. From 15 to 19 March, the city enjoys one of the events classified as international tourist interest.. The monuments are representation of topical issues built of papier mache, expanded polystyrene and subject by a wooden frame. The larger monuments have reached more than 30 meters in height. Consists of a central figure main and surrounded by various figures and signs written in the Valencian language, the language of the city. The Fallero Artists working during the year to meet the objective of the Commission that Fallera them against, thus performing authentic masterpieces.



And here comes one of the questions that so many people does when you visit the city these days, why do you burn fallas after the hard work that is build them?


Burn the Fallas for not losing 8 centuries of history, and because it is worthwhile to continue with the job they started those carpenters by that time, filled with enthusiasm for the work done.
They burn them to plant next year, so we can repeat one year more. We have something new to explore and we come back with the same illusion that we came the first time.
They burn that ensembled the swell with nerves the day before the awards ceremony.
To watch the first tear from Fallera mayor eye`s shows that there is nothing they cannot dominate.


Fallas are burnt for the Valencians enjoy year after year, one of the most important festivals of the world, and above all, enjoy it because it is yours. The people in the streets, the warmth, the joy that is breathed in the atmosphere, it is really incredible and unique.
For that fallero artists can continue to surprise with their works of art, surprising with all the hard work of a year.
The monuments are burnt to welcome the spring, to leave space for the streets, squares, and in our interior.
The Fallas are burnt to finish by everything high, to begin a new year to the next day.This characteristic scent that proves that with gunpowder can be making music.



But above all, to remain one of the most important festivals of the world.

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