What Are the New Establishments in Oslob, Cebu?

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Oslob, Cebu is three hours away from Cebu City located in the southern part of the province and is very famous for its Whale Sharks which started its operation in 2011. From that time on until today, the local government had been receiving hundreds to thousands of tourists every single day to swim with the whale sharks.

But together with this tourism hit, Oslob had never been the same.

Changes in Oslob


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The long holidays had given me enough time to explore my husband’s hometown, Oslob. Although it took us a little more to get to the main town because we were just resting most of the time at home, it was still enough for us, me especially to figure the different things that had changed in a few months from the last time that I was here.

Due to the traffic that the tourism caused to South Cebu, I had been discouraged to really come home. In fact, I can’t recall the last time that I had been here but anyway, this blog is all about the several changes which I have seen as James and I explored the main town yesterday, I am going to tackle these in this blog.

1. Goldilocks Store

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I couldn’t figure out what this building was before but now, it has a concrete building of Goldilocks store. This was a surprise but a blessing too for the New Year because we didn’t have to travel far to buy cakes and some desserts for the Media Noche.

According to my in-laws, their cakes are a hit and there are always customers even on regular days.

For the New Year, I bought their Fruity Marble Cake, their Chocolate Roll, two pieces of Leche Flan and a Cassava Cake. Mind you, the store was full during that time. It was still eight in the morning approximately when we went there and there was a long line already. I believe their cakes were sold out that time.

2. Oslob Fitness

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Quite a surprise to find a huge Oslob Fitness gym in town. Its a two-story concrete building with a red name print on top of its entrance door. My husband didn’t know as well when it had opened its doors to work out enthusiasts but he said they are already in business for quite some time.

Their tall glass doors make it possible to see the inside of the structure. There were thread mills, some huge weights and a lot more exercise materials available.

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Additionally, the look of the building seemed pretty decent and clean. But I was struck at the house next to it with a really green ground full of Bermuda grass!

3. Cafes

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With the increasing number of tourists both locals and foreign ones came also the increase of cafes for both coffee and pastries as well as places which one can drink liquors and other types of drinks.

One of which we found was just right next to Goldilocks, Le Bistrot Restaurant which caters mostly of drinks and some snacks. The outside has a unique signboard which prints different ways of welcoming guests such as Benvenuto, Mahaban, Tuloy Po Kayo, Bienvenue, Willkommen, Shalom and the Bisaya term Dayon Mo!


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Since we came on the first of January, most of these establishments were closed for the New Year Holiday so we were not able to really dine in on those but we are looking forward to doing so next time we come home again.

4. New Eateries and Restaurants

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The same case is true with eateries in Oslob. There are more eateries today than the last time I visited. One of that I have spotted is just located in the main town. There's AC Palayok which is a fully air conditioned restaurant which offers Filipino food options.

Another on the side is Paul and Madz Restaurant which has a huge parking space and offers al fresco type of dining.

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Opposite to it is another dining area which is called Big J's and a cousin in law of mine works here as a griller. They were also closed during the New Year so I didn't mind really taking photos of it.

5. 7-11 Convenience Store

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This was not a new one but it is quite a big addition to Oslob so I have to include it in here. Seven eleven is really a hit in town because of its supplies and its 24/7 service. There are always customers every single day and even at night. Most of the tourists would go directly to 7-11 for almost all their needs most especially when it's already evening.

The establishment also can top up load minutes which is very necessary for these tourists. I appreciate that the town has better connection compared to before and because of that, I can already blog on bitLanders faster.


When we went there on the first day of 2019, the store was packed! There was a long line of customers each with their own item to pay. I even saw foreigners getting out of the store after they got their purchases.

I can see that this franchise was a good decision. There's always a way for anyone to get their needs from most primarily at night when most of the stores here are closed.



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But however, I understand that with this big establishment where most of the items are packed with plastics, there's a huge tendency that this can also be a means of improper disposals. I do hope the management can also take care of their garbage.


It is true that tourism indeed brings a better economy for a certain town and it is good for its citizens. I can foresee that there will be more establishments to be built in the near future.

In fact, there's already another construction happening. But then again, I hope that the local government would preserve nature and the cleanliness of their town. What I love greatly about Oslob is the beautiful Acacia trees around town and I hope that won't be affected with its own progress as well.


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Thank you for reading! Happy New Year!


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