What are the Weirdest Christmas traditions in the world?

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Norway: During the Christmas, there isn’t any cleanings in Norway. They hide all brooms as they believe that it would be stolen by witches and evils.


Greenland: In Christmas, they have a different food. They serve Mattak, which is a raw whale skin with blubber. They also stuffed Kiviak, which is 500 dead auk birds into a seal skin for 7 months.

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New Zealand: In New Zealand, people decorate Pohutukawa trees, instead of conifer.

Pohutukawa trees


Portugal: Portuguese have a feast in Christmas morning for remembering and honoring their dead beloved ones.

Ukraine: Ukrainians people decorate their Christmas trees with an artificial spider in Christmas.

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Czech Republic: Single women in Czech Republic put a shoe over their shoulder and stand infront of a door. They believe if the toe point to the door when it lands, they will get married on that year.

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Estonia: In Estonia during the Christmas, usually families go to sauna with each other.

Sweden: One of the Swedish traditions is rice pudding. They hide an almond in the dessert, they believe the one who find it will be married in a year.

Latvia: A group of people in Latvia called “mummers” dress in different costumes and go from on home to another. They take a something from each household in return of their blessing.

Japan: On Christmas the Japanese avoid sending Red Cards for friends and family, since this color is used for funeral announcements in Japan. Instead they use White Cards for Christmas.


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