What are your keywords? Target Thinking and Marketing

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What are the keywords that best define who you are on an online search today?

What are the keywords that are within your reach in the near future?

Let's take me as an example: Italian, Online Distribution, and Judo.

If you search the above keywords separately I am hard to find. If you combine them, I come on top of the Google search. What really puts me apart from the rest of the world is the keyword Judo. Knowing these keywords makes me aware of what defines me and consequently shapes some of my personal and business strategies.

What Target Thinking provides to companies, organizations, people, and even filmmakers is a quantitative reasearch of what you are today and what you could be or should be tomorrow based on your keywords. Target Thinking is the essence of the strategy that allows you to pick your battles and win them one at a time.

Today at SXSW, we met and interviewed filmmaker Patrick Forbes, the director of Wikileaks: Secrets and Lies. During the interview, Eren Gulfidan asked Forbes what Wikileak he favored the most. He mentioned the Wikileak on Gaddafi and his Ukrainian nurse. Search the keywords: Gaddafi Ukrainian and see how a film focused on this subject could be very easily accessible and ranks on top. It would be a utopia to rank higher on Pentagon Wikileaks searching the word Pentagon.

The reverse process of defining keywords, for example defining them after a company strategy or making a feature film, is an innovative process supported by our proprietary technology and know-how.

What are your keywords?

What should be your keywords?

What will be your keywords?

In short, who are you?


Francesco Rulli

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