What consumers dislike about mobile email

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Based on the recent report fro Liveclicker and the Relevancy Group which surveyed more than 1,000 US consumers, 44% said that they received too many emails on their smartphones and 37% said many of messaes they received were irrelevant.


Question asked: What don't you like about getting email marketing messages on your mobile phone?

44% Send too often, I get too many of them

37% They are not relevant to me

32% Too small to read an interact with

26%When I click through it is too hard to see their full web site on my mobile phone

21% Message is jumbled and not well formatted on my mobile phone

9% I have their App, they should message me this way

9% It is redundant to what the brand has already pushed me through the application that I have on my phone

18% None of the above


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