What did the people of Pakistan to dollars

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A few days ago, news channels, newspapers have been talking about this subject that have been given billions of dollars to the Pakistani government and our country will develop, but what benefit to the public of $ relief to the people that Pakistani government dollars that have been

Pakistani people will benefit from them some benefit and shall not be reversed by the government have the power to solve the problem would set up or something cap Drama and shall in the public on the loan WU finish poor people die hungry, and whether the government has

Government debt is to expand in the country and the people taking these loans for their dollars will solve the problems of our people do not even know it Take You Rate vegetable potato tomato, onion, which a very important things that are

Wu also been out of reach of poor people and increasing petrol prices remain so once the vegetables are too expensive for the government

Pakistanis can not do anything for poor people and leave politics

Sit at home wearing bangles

Unemployment stood so strongly that people nowadays are turning to robberies

And the government that they do not care about any of that Wu himself in barns

  Every thing to do but go and ask the poor people whom

For several days, stoves in the homes of their children and not easily sleep at night hungry


It is our governments that have done that Pakistan is a Muslim country but the people who work here are nice to them, so woo at least your pets too hungry to sleep


My own country's current government is requested instead that the Wu

  Dollars spent on frivolous things, but this place made ​​our country so that poor people get jobs in the factories and Wu to feed their children and

  Pulses, vegetable, and the rest of the things that are important to life all these things will be cheaper, so poor people could live their lives happily and he readily found employment

Amin Allah give us guidance to government



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