What Does China’s Tomorrow Hold For Us

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What does China’s tomorrow hold for us? To be perfectly honest, it’s still a big question mark. This is the first time China has lived as a global powerhouse and with the luxury of a booming economy. Secondly, with this generation’s differing culture and set of ideals, how will they shape and define the growth of China’s tomorrow. Will they add to the success previous generations have laid for them, or will they work for the now – and not for the future.

We talked about how China’s modernization plays a pivotal role in the changing generation and the Chinese government have and will respond accordingly. It’s no wonder that recently the Chinese culture minister openly said that Chinese media is ‘vulgar’ and advocates consumerism versus moral and cultural quality. The message isn’t directed to say business is bad, but it’s to communicate to conduct business responsibly. To conduct business with respect for the previous generations who have paved the road for today’s generation. For me, it’s a powerful reminder to remember what made China so great and why there is opportunity. It’s not based on the ‘now’, but on a long-term investment in building a proper foundation for China’s future. 

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Gordon Chu (gchu@metanmedia.com) is the VP of Business Development at Metan Development Group.

For more business insights regarding practicing entertainment business in China, please subscribe at http://webtvs.filmannex.com/HelloHollywood

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