What happened?!

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today is a very sad day for my earnings I just noticed this happened to me I just noticed this happened to my scores today

imagine that a whopping -20 on my base buzz and I don't know what just happened? Well with a buzz like this it will likely affect my earnings well it did by a lot.

I wonder what was wrong? did bitlanders suffer a massive glitch to make my scores like this? how about you other users did you also experience this kind of meltdown in your bitlanders score?  I need an explanation for this and I demand answers. Is this just some phenomenon for the bitlanders system or just some glitch in the scoring. I just hope that this will be okay tomorrow

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I am 26 years old and mainly sit here on my computer due to me having a stroke 5 years ago now I don't have work and I'm wasting my brain away

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